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Approaching a real vampire

Once you think that someone is a real vampire, you may have some worries about being wrong. Or you may just simply not be sure how they will react to you saying something about them being a real vampire. That is what this page is for.

This is the easiest thing that you can ever do.

If you have read the page finding a real vampire, and are sure that they are one, casually tell the person that he or she has vampire eyes. If they smile when you say it then they odds are they already know that they are one, and even if you aren't one you will have their respect for being able to tell they are one while knowing enough about us not to freak out about it. Plus it will be a start to a good friendship.

If they get a confused look, they didn't already know and you have a little explaining to do. (Not in a bad way) Just means you get to be the teacher, ask them about some traits that they may have i.e. things listed on the “knowing if you are a real vampire” page from this site. If they say yes to a lot of them and possibly start giving you the (how do you know that about me look), mention some of the parts that seem more unlikely.

Around the time they give you that look, tell them that they are a real vampire. If they didn’t know they’re probably also pretty white in color. So tell them to eat a medium rare steak to get the color back that they haven't had in at least a few years, also the effect they will feel from the blood will help confirm that you were right. They will be convinced after they eat it if they aren't already. ( Don’t forget to tell them about this website) Tell them the perks of being one, most people do not consider being told they are one to be bad news after being told the perks.

In the unlikely case they look mad or possibly scared that you were able to tell, explain that its not a bad thing that you know about it, that they’re safe with you knowing, and if you are one (as well), now would be a good time to be open and admit it to them. If their response is, vampires don't exist, vampires are evil, I'm not one of those, your nuts, or something along those lines, simply tell them to go to this site and leave it at that. If they don't say one of those things talk to them, become friends and tell them this site can help a lot.

I am as open about this in person as I am about it online, any less and I would be a hypocrite. If you happen to see me and want to talk to me but aren't sure how to come up to me about it. Just call me Steve to make sure it's actually me to avoid an awkward situation, and talk to me as if we've all ready been friends for a few months. Don't be jokingly rude to me like you can be with your long time friends, simply keep it polite. To me a stranger is just a friend that I haven't met yet, unless they prove otherwise.


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