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A medical condition that may have lead to one of the myths about real vampires

Catalepsy is a disorder of the nervous system that causes a form of suspended animation. It causes a loss of voluntary motion, a rigidity to the muscles, as well as decreased sensitivity to pain and heat. A person suffering from catalepsy can see and hear cannot move. Their breathing, pulse, and other regulatory functions are slowed to the extent that to an untrained eye, it would seem as though they were deceased. This condition can last from minutes to days. Before 20th century medicine came along, there were few diagnostic tests that could be done on a body to ensure it was in fact dead, and so it is possible and even likely that persons suffering from catalepsy could have been declared dead prematurely. Embalming a corpse before burial is also a 20th century idea, so it's very possible that these bodies were declared dead and buried while the person still lived. Upon recovering from their cataleptic state, the person would try to dig their way to the surface. Many myths may have arisen from this single condition alone.

 Medical conditions that make some people falsely believe that they are real vampires:

Energy Vampires
Psychotic Depression
Sleep apnea
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka CFS
Myasthenia gravis
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