real vampires chatroom

In this real vampires chatroom, we have zero tolerance for posers, and being real vampires we can pretty easily tell who is a poser. So if you plan on pretending to be some thing that you aren't just do us real vampires the favor of leaving right now.
    Vampire chatroom Rules:

  1. Don't lie, we will eventually catch you, if not immediately. (Ban)
  2. No Posers, It's insulting to us and it is also lying. (Ban)
  3. No Drama, the only people that like drama are the drama queens that start it.
    Rumors, slander and trolling count as drama in this vampire chatroom.(Ban)
  4. Don't ask questions that are answered on the website, it's annoying,and it won't get you an answer.
    We will tell you to read the website. Being told to read the website is a warning, on the 3rd warning you will be.
    (temporarily banned for 100-200 hours), basically it's quicker just to read the website first.
Yellow = Owner, White = Moderator, Blue = Member, Green = some random person that wandered in to this chat room. Green and blue doesn't mean they are a vampire, odds are they aren't one regardless of if they claim to be one. Keep these colors in mind when asking questions in this real vampire website's chatroom. Red they aren't in the vampire chatroom.

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real vampires chatroom says: "Hey. Hey you. Hey you with the face. Yeah you. I'm talking to you. I know what you're doing. Don't think I don't know what you're doing, because I know. It's written all over ya face! What? You wanna play dumb?! Ya want me to TELL YOU what you're doing. Well you're reading this is what you're doing. Now stop it, or I'll have to rough ya up a lil. Oh yeah. Don't mess with me, cuz I know." - Sincerely, real vampires chat room

Where everyone does whatever they want except for being a poser or a jerk and everyone has fun all day everyday. The lights are on as the night draws near. Don't need no shades. It's a party here! Real vampires chat room, come hang out.
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