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COMMENTS AND E-Mails that I have received

On this page I have posted some of the comments about the website, that have been e-mailed or IMed to me (regardless of whether I have found the comments favorable or not), Along with my responses to them. I encourage all who visit this site to e-mail me their suggestions, comments, opinions, or their thoughts in general. I reserve the right to post any e-mail at my discretion, though I don't post the clearly personal ones for the sake of preserving people's privacy. click here for my contact information.

Screenshot needed for this one, because lets face it without a screenshot nobody would have believed that she would be this retarded. Dumbest person so far as of 6/26/2015

Just to point out, I don't sell stuff on this website. I don't sell any thing, any where online.

Screenshot needed for this one, dumbest person so far as of 12/28/2009.

My Response:
You're going to tell me about interpreting a paragraph, while you can't even spell the word interpret correctly? Second off grammar doesn't define who is or isn't a vampire, and once again you fail to understand that not caring what you believe means I don't care what you believe.

Making this statement '' i know u dont care but actually i just find it so stuped for u to be all proud of u and then come with that shit i mean if u want to people to believe u why dont u answer the questions?'' completely retarded.

Oh and before you try to call me stupid, at least learn how to spell the word stupid correctly as well. This will be posted, idiots like you just make this way to easy.

fulsu@msn.com wrote: Hey, I read through the main page of your site and it sounded reasonable and fascinating. Here are some facts I picked up that you might want to check again. It is possible that I'm wrong of course but I did these notions with the knowledge of human pshysiology I have. "The extra blood going to the brain causes us to think quicker." <-- causes more likely hypertension which is lethal for it might make blood vessels in the brain to rupture.

You may want to brush up on your physiology; hypertension is not cause by increased blood flow. It is caused by plaque and cholesterol build up in the arteries, causing increased blood pressure and hyper tension due to the heart having to work harder to make it circulate, ironically, making the opposite of your claim to be accurate. No that would be a brain aneurysm, those are caused by blood clots forming, blocking blood flow causing an explosion of the said vein.

And something about me, I'm a student and I'm trying hard to get into a medical school and I'm gonna achieve with that goal some day. I was only wondering if you would like to share your thought personally with me and so on. I'm totally aware of the existence of vampires, been for 5 years for now.

What you are attempting to quote from my site is textbook knowledge of the results of adrenaline in the body, and what causes the body to release adrenaline. Before you claim to be an expert, try learning something about what you claim to know and don't guess on things that you know nothing about.

Yes it started from the Hollywood films and they still amuse me, but maybe even more now when I know they are based on truth. V5 retrovirus, I've heard of it many times in these circles, that theory sounds possible and when I'm gonna be a medical doctor that is gonna be my number one subject to study.

The rate you?re going, if you are actually in school to be a doctor, you will quickly fail. I didn't just slap my website together; none of it is just winged and typed out for fun. It would do you well to actually go to the library, get a legitimate medical book and actually read about the effects of adrenaline on the body before trying to correct me on things that I have gotten straight out of college level books.

With your help I might be able to get the virus more easily so that I can conduct some studies on it. Yes, I might be interested in infecting myself with it. Two reasons for that. 1) That's the best way to understand how it works, you can take blood samples from yourself any time and there's no way you can describe your symptoms wrong. 2) I want to become a vampire. I know it might be even lethal to infect yourself with a retrovirus, which has that radical effects on your DNA, but with a right treatment I believe it is quite possible to get through the changing part alive.

No one has died from becoming a vampire, unlike some things in nature that change our DNA; it doesn't change it in away that kill its host. Other things that change DNA without killing the host are the renovirus, T_bacteriophages, and many others.

And now you ask why would I want to become a vampire for I'm smart enough to understand the bad results it might have like dying, pain, sensitiviness to light, losing friends and so on. For the glamour of course. I know you might laugh, but that's good 'cause it was a joke.

Good thing that was a joke, because there is no glamour in most people thinking your nuts if you tell them without proving it.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I even want to become a vampire but I'm just so damn fascinated by them. And I can't help it for I belong to the curious species of apes.

As I said, look more into the information on my site, because due to the amount of time and effort that I put into the research behind it, I do take it as a serious insult when people claim its false. There will be more added to it as far as the psychological part and adrenaline part is concerned.

Thank you for reading this long letter. I'm looking forward for your reply.

The responses are what keep me going, when I'm spending the long nights working on the website.

Ps. I wish you don't publish this message on any site.

Think about that the next time you take a shot at things that a 10th grader knows more about than you do, while claiming to be going to college for it.

From: kalline silva kallinessilvacg@hotmail.com
To: @yahoo.com










Você é um idiota, você não sabe nada, a sua ignorância que te faz ficar mal, e eu nunca irá apagar meu site.

Oh, and your Portuguese sucks balls Not to mention its not very christian to try and pretend that you are in Brazil or even lie and claim to be brazilian while you live in Redmond WA. Yes son, we know where you are.

From: priya
Subject: give a proof...DUDE!!
To: owner@vampirewebsite.net
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009, 4:56 PM

Hey Vamp boy,

watup! well im humun....n no blood allowed
its really precious to me ...u know:)

so, i read ur website....well i wont lie
its pretty good....lots of info.
but u c....there r 222 many words....n trust me vampboy
my heads aching with alll dat reading

anyways....my point here is dat u said dat ur a a real vamp( yah!!! wateva...)
but u really didnt give a real proof dat u r real vampire...like PICTURES or
ur so called" different vamp eyes"
but u know....it can b fake tooo.....we have all kindda of eye contacts, fake fangs....ohh!!! u can spill red paint on ur shirt n say" BUDDY...I JUST HAD MY SNACK"
so give ur fans sumthing real....like YOUR video of drinking "REAL BLOOD"


HA!!....some 1 u dont know :)

Or I can say that, watup, hey, u, n, ur, c, r, dat, 222, dude, yah, wateva, b, kindda, sumthing, cuz, and, 1 aren't words and I really don't care whether or not a clearly illiterate person such as yourself thinks that I am a vampire or not. Nor do I care who else believes if I am a vampire or not as well.

P.S. It's not boy, it is man, learn some respect kid.

First Name: lynne
Comment: intresting to see other slayers are comming to visit your site hun well done cept i thought it was more for the vamps.

Not sure how you know that other slayers are coming here as well or if you know of any pages on here made for slayers, although as in any case where Vampires go slayers will always follow. Met one out here in person that didn't know what she was and have started a well hidden page on this site that?s more like a sort of journal of observations. The only reason for keeping it hidden is that until I know there is no risk of vamps randomly attacking slayers or assumed slayers out of a stupid fear, safety precautions must be used, there will most likely also be a section for weres seeing that a few have told me that their aren?t any good sites out there. (The weres section will not be hidden)

E-mail: Dear ?,

While I appreciate your site and all its ... intentions, I must make known my sheer disapproval of your grammar. I understand, it very well may be the last... well...

Quite frankly, I could not easily understand what you were explaining. I am intrigued, deeply interested in the subject matter, however, I implore you to find an editor for your site, if only to make clearer your thoughts, facts, ideas, etc.

I became under the vague impression that you did not take the matter seriously. For those who are unsure of their beliefs, I'm afraid your lack of consideration for the ... aesthetics of grammar may be off-putting.

I felt your site over-dramatized certain things. And you seemed to apply an abundance of name-calling to the stream of folk who email you. It adds to the near indifferent air your site gives off. Welcome the non-believers. Try to change their mind, by all means, but name-calling? Rudeness? can go undistributed. Your blunt responses may invoke fear. This isn't right.

However, if you are to change any one thing because of my silly wishes, I'd adhere to the politeness. At least an attempt would be appreciated.

That being said... I er... appreciate your site and all its intentions.


Any time someone replies with a comment about the grammar I always offer to let them email me a rewrite with the corrections in it. However I have yet to get even one person that will find the time to do it. As for being blunt, I am who and what I am and being blunt is part of that.
Update: a friend that I met because of this website helped with the grammar.

From: Many people
when I chose to join your group I wanted to know how can someone be a vampire? being a vampire is my dream, my fantasy, and my GOAL can anyone of you help me to become one??

The website can help you become one, if one reads it completely and uses the information to its fullest potential. However, when directly asked, I do ask a person?s reasons for wanting to be one. Due to when one turns someone into a vampire that persons actions become the vamps responsibility. Also because some people have unrealistic beliefs as to what becoming a vampire would do for them. )

Dear you,

I am not a real vampire. But I do believe in vampires- a little way to much for my own good, I don't really wish to become one I just really want to meet one. I know, I know, what the hell am I thinking right? Why would I want to meet one? I really don't know how to explain the feeling that I have inside or why I want to meet one so bad, maybe it's because I admire vampires, and never really considered them to be evil. I guess what I am seeking from you is some help? What do you suggest I do, I mean you are my only hope. I wouldn't dare email something like this to anyone else because unfortunately I made the mistake to tell a friend that I believed in vampires once and all I got was an insane glare. I'm 22 years old, I'm not your average person, I'm a girl...

Please write back?


You don't need to explain, growing up I was in the same situation and running on complete guesses as to how to find one. After becoming one and learning from the one that made me I learned that vampires are everywhere. It?s just at the time I had no clue how to tell who one was. Some countries have higher amounts of vampires for the amount of people in them and I don't know the amounts for every country, but for what its worth: USA 1-1000; Holland 1-150; Germany is about 1-12.

You don't need to go to the right clubs or anything like that to find one, however going to a few or becoming a bit of a night person will seriously help your chances. These three pages will help with the rest finding a real vampire, and for the USA, or other countries, depending on what country you are in. Even if by some chance you don't find a real vampire, it will help you meet other people that share the same interest.

First Name: Anonymous
Comment: Ok nice site btw. im glad someone is saying what needed to be said about hunters. most are troublesome "bigshots" who think they know something and try to "impress" by being a fearsome hunter and they dont know didly squat. so to speak. btw I read awhile back what u said about ur anonymous slayer friend. KUDOS I say to her for her part, I admired her for it.

It's always good to receive good feed back on the website, and I'll let her know.

From: "Jason Bernardino"
To: @yahoo.com yo if you are whut you say you are then you cant be talkin about it. dont post this up anywhere. you should know its forbidden to let others know

You are an idiot, and my name isn't yo. P.s. I am able to post any e-mail at my discretion, though I don't post the clearly personal ones. I am able to do this because it is on this website that I reserve the right to. Also real vampires don't play by the role-player rule that you are referring to.

Truly Fascinating! well I guess my first question is how did you become a vampire? were you born as one or did you recieve a transfusion???

I was turned by an exchange of blood, however I'm not sure it would qualify as a transfusion.

Do you find that some ppl think you are crazy when you tell them youre a vampire??

Some do and tell me vampires don't exist, however showing them the site gives them a more realistic view of vampires (doesn't convince them all that vampires exist) and over time of knowing me they start to tell me that they are beginning to think that I may be right.

Also, why is it that vampires dont make themselves known to the public?

Because they fear how people will react.

Plz excuse my ignorance and I hope none of my questions offend you, this is strictly the extent of my curiosity and interest....

Why would I be offended?

From: "sandra bullock"
Subject: what the....?
To: @yahoo.com

Hello Steven
I only have a question and comment to You, but before that I feel You'd probably like to know who am I.

My name is Sandra. I live in NYC. I'm an artist. I think that the simplicity about me ends there, so forgive me for not going into more detail about me. If You have any questions fell free to ask. (You have been very honest---> web pg so I'm trying to do the same...our of respect I suppose.)

Your webpg is quite impressive. Although i cannot comprehend, why do You educate the general public about things that have remained secretive (for a reason)?

its like You 'said' ; some fear vampires, others are fascinated by them, so doesn't this fact alone make vampires a target? If a human is scared he/she could be unpredictable in his/hers reaction. Like an animal that feel threatened. If a human is fascinated with something he/she will dwell whatever fascinates them until they got what they wanted (learn what they wanted to know).

So if You advertise vampires and speak of their splendor and their quote unquote "abnormal" skills then in the end wont it make life difficult for potential vampires?

Dint get me wrong, i do not mean to neglect Your beliefs and theories, i only ask for Your view. in other words, what are Your motives, what makes You believe that the action You took (meaning posting all of this up online and available to anyone) are the right thing to do?

Id like to thank You for Your time that You devoted to my email. I would greatly appreciate a reply form You. sincerely,


ps. About the buzz sound, where did You learn that one from? And where did You get that buzz?! I'm asking because its hard to believe that people cannot hear it. ...Also, I wish to learn about it because i hear that annoying sound quite often. It's rather spontaneous, I'm guessing this could occur when the barometric pressure goes down, but like i said, I'm not sure.

If You would take the time and reply to me, i might not give You a response right away, ill be travelling for the next 5 weeks, but I will respond asap. Once again, thank You. Apagne.

Their fear is an unreasonable fear, it simply comes from ignorance and beliefs in what at one time may have been truth but now is sheer myth. What I'm referring to is the fact that during a time when people were a lot less open minded and murder was easy to get away with, a time when finding a willing blood donor may have been impossible for our real vampire ancestors, I do believe that it's possible that real vampires may have killed people for it, and seeing what they were doing to assumed witches and other people, keeping the truth about real vampires was probably by far the smartest idea.

However, in this day and age (which I personally like to refer to as the age of acceptance), where an increasing amount of people that like real vampires, donate to real vampires, are intrigued by real vampires, want to be real vampires, and in my experience even the ones that fear real vampires (when they realize that they really do exist) Do not attack. However, they do listen and ask a lot of questions, because in the age that we live in today people realize that there are things that they don't know, and also try to overcome their fears. I know this very well from personal experience, for awhile I kept it a secret about what I was out of fear. However, people that I tried to keep it a secret from figured it out eventually anyhow. That includes my very catholic mom, who surprisingly took it pretty well..

Yes there are those people, like the one who figured it out in her home and because of it no longer allows me in her house. This includes all of the self proclaimed hunters that I have met, and two friends of mine which are real slayers, one of which I still consider my best friend; not once have I ever been attacked for being a real vampire. As for your concerns about me saying too much to anyone who stumbles on the site which hopefully someday will be everyone, there are things not on my website as well as things well hidden on the website that one would have to really pay attention and have a strong interest in the website to find.

The things not on my site you would have to talk to me on yahoo, and I would have to know by my own feel that you are a real vampire before I will ever discuss. I have added your sand182k name to my yahoo messenger so that some time when were both on we can talk about this in more detail.

First Name: Cyrus Gill
Comment: My email addy is dead_cherubim2@ I have been involved in every major vampyric group since the early 90's. I must tell you, about 2/3s of what I have read I disagree with, diplomaticly of course, yet I feel you have an idea of the greater epiphany at hand. I would be interesting perhaps in pointing you in a more properly educated direction for said subjects. Contact me if you are interested, don't if you aren't.

I have added you to my yahoo list. You?re probably going to want to talk on there to share you're views in real time after this. I do acknowledge that you have taken a good approach with you're views by private emailing and not doing it through the message board for show, which is why you are getting a response in the first place. As for debating, I don't debate, debating is a thing where one person spends they're time trying to explain to another person about how they are wrong. Basically put debating is a form of wasting my time on trying to make an unwilling person in to a more enlightened person. However, I have no problems with telling people how I see it, and I know I'm right because I know for a fact that I am one.

First off, don't worry too much about being diplomatic with me, even in person. I don't care how much some people disagree or agree with me or in what way they choose to disagree with me. Second off, real vamps don't need to list references to show that they are a vamp, simply put you either are or you aren't a vampire. Third off, lol, I've been in many self proclaimed vamp groups both online and in person each under a different name just to try to find some real vampires.

Sad results are that maybe 1 in 75 of the self proclaimed vampires in these groups actually is one. The ones that are one, tend to be the ones that just wait and watch quietly hoping that a real vampire shows up and then they privately contact them. They are not the active ones or "well respected elders" that rehash, repeat, and agree with the bullshit on each others websites. Basically as far as the "vampire community" is concerned, only about 1 in 75 of the self proclaimed vamps is actually a vampire, and the rest are just posers that are looking to label themselves with a title that they have dropped the standards so low that pretty much anyone can qualify that wants to.

One slight problem, real vampires do exist and we are not happy with this. We don't need anyone to agree with us because we know that we are right. Thanks to my site the numbers that are finding each other are joining together and the "vampire community" that is way over run by posers will have no part in it. Right now its just a matter of picking the few real vampires out of all the clutter of people that either think they are vampires or actually know that they aren't yet try to fit in anyhow.

Cyrus Gill dead_cherubim2@ wrote:
email: Regardless, there are misleading statements on your website. I agree with you about the poser problem, further more, I never said websites anywhere had any answers, but there are place in real time/space that are much more truly guiding. A few I have found, others I was guided to as well. I simply offered a chance to explore the deepest parts of your truest nature. You are in California right? Just a feeling I get.

Actually NONE of the information on my vampire website is misleading, or else I wouldn't put it on there in the first place. However, yes a lot of it disagrees with what all of the wannabee vampires out there agree to be "fact" science isn't a democracy. You know what I don't care, because I know I'm right, because that's simply one of the perks of actually being a real vampire, I know about myself and I know about the others that are actually like me and not just going from website to website, forum to forum, group to group, etc, reading the sites and going with what the majority of them say; thinking that the majority must be right. Guess what, news flash, the majority are wrong. They are all rehashing each others bullshit, and that's why real vampires are having such a hard time learning what they need to know, which really pisses me off.

Guess what, obviously you're one of them, guess I had to tell you directly that you're just a sad wannabe because you obviously didn't get the message in the last response, and sadly I know more about my kind than you will ever know. Because I am one and you?re not, and I don't care if you believe me or disagree. Because the wonderful thing about being a real vampire is that your belief is not required. But just for my own personal entertainment, how about if you list some of the stuff you think I'm wrong about, so that my other real vampire friends and I can read it and have a good laugh. Oh, and you mentioning that you think I'm in New York and trying to play it off like it?s a psychic feeling? It doesn't take a psychic to figure that out, seeing that on my site I have multiple easy to find ways to contact me, which obviously you managed to find at least one of them and each of those forms of contacting me will tell you that I am in Rochester, N.Y.

"You are in Rochester right? Just a feeling I get".

Don't try to fake with me I know exactly where every last bit of information on my site can lead to. Actually the information on there, if someone really tries, can land them my exact location within a mile of where my house is and between my picture and me using my real first name. That can make me very easy to find.

First Name: DarienKashi
Comment: A turning is really the only effective way of becoming a vampyre, however it is not the only way. Vampyres may seem beautiful, powerful, and mysterious to you, but there lives are filled with sorrow, sorrow that you could never understand. Although you yearn for a release from this life into the next, there is just too much to give up, like love. You would think that if a vampyre fell in love, they would turn their loved one into an abomination just like theirself, but this is not the case. If the vampyre truly loved this person, they would not wish this burden, this curse upon them. Give up on your dreams of becoming a vampyre and embrace the morning?s light, because you really wont realize how beautiful it is until you have lost it.

You sound like one of those Goths that think real vampires are so full of sorrow and actually believe that the sun might make us explode into flames. Go back to hot topic and see if you can buy a life from there yet.

First Name : Theda
Age : 37
Comment : All you offer is your opinion, but you would let the credulous think it is fact. You are NOT representing the vampire community. Actually, I think youre all role player and no vampire at all.
yahoo name : lareinetheda
E-mail address : lareinetheda@

That's pretty funny seeing that the RPGers preach bullshit about vamps coming from Cain, which I do not. So before trying to connect anything to the RPGers, at least get your basic information on them straight. Second off, I'm not just spouting off stuff, I do provide references to well respected sources in the scientific community. These sources include times and dates for scientific American (it?s a science magazine), national geographic, as well as discovery channel and others. Coming from a real vampire, thank god I'm not seen as representing the "vampire community" because all I see in them is a ton of posers and very few real vampires. The few real vampires in it aren't the ones running it either.

jalayne lindberg wrote:

hummmm I wish to speak to this man name Steven!! This Steven insulted one of my good friends.. She is still learning about vampires.. This person HAD no right telling her to get educated and call her brainless!! He ought to be a shame of himself.!!! She is just learning about vampires.. This man said to her " Vampires live as long as a life span as a human!! Bull crap... I have all my life I search and educated myself about vampires.. Well guess what I am one and so much more and NO i am not bragging.. I want ot know who did this site up and Also I WANT TO KNOW WHO UPSET MY GOOD FRIEND .. Her name is Fair!! Shame on this person picking on the this person .. Have you ever thought she is just learning this? Well my true name is Belanna Trident.. I am very angry who ever did this to her call her brainless poser.. Well come and chat with me and see .. :)

Suck my balls you poser bitch, you're probably the wannabe vampire that feeds her head with the being 300+ years old bullshit.

Caliza Lara (2/18/2008 3:27:27 PM): Hello, just wanted to see if you had a chance to talk with that person I told you about. Also I was checking out your site and the things you remodeled and I believe you 100%. On the internet, well you can't be quite sure of what you read since there are so many role players/ posers/goths, but your site seems to be the only reliable source. I myself am not a vampire and have never claimed to be one but I am very much interested in vampires and well the truth about them, you know, further than all the bull and myths. I thank you again for the information you release. I hope that we can someday converse a little. Till then, I hope that you are well. Bye.


''Yeah, it`s true. I`m born as a vampire. I don`t know about blood-vampires, though? Well, personally, I don`t believe in blood-vampires, but what do I know. Just ask around, I can`t help you much in that area?''

If you don't believe in them then definitely don't claim to be a real vampire, because that is just sad.

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