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How to know if you are an ''emo''. Emo is a popular term for an emotionally depressed person. If you have a majority of these traits, there is a strong chance that you are an ''emo'' and if that is the case then I recommend that you look in to getting some professional counselling.

Do you have scars on your arms, and make no attempts to hide them?

Do you wear short sleeves, if long some times do you roll them up?

Are you emotional and sensitive, easily upset?

Do you not like to smile?

About 8 out of 10 emos wear all black, all of them wear dark colors. Do you fit this description?

Do you wear all black and some times reddish eyeliners?

Emos tend to wear dark denim with chains?

Does your hair look like some one passionately F'ed it up?

Is your hair multi color/dark colored (purple, dark blue, black, dark colors)?

Do you wear more than 3 spiked items on you at one given time?

If you are a girl do you follow your guy at all, times about 2 steps away?

Is your guy not disturbed about not having sex, and he isnt a virgin (or gay)?

Do you wear two sweat bands while not exercising?

If you look overly goth, you might be emo.

Do you have overly layered hair?

Are you in love with some one that you never met and probably never will?

 Medical conditions that make some people falsely believe that they are real vampires:

Psychotic Depression
Sleep apnea
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka CFS
Myasthenia gravis
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