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Fears about coming out

Fears about coming out should die here

This is where you get to tell me the reasons why you have not announced yourself to world, click here to get a hold of me. I will respond to every reason that is e-mailed to me with a reason on why there is no reason to fear it. The names of everyone that emails me their reason will be kept anonymous. You are all my brothers and my sisters; it is time for us to unite. Until now we have all been about as unified as cats, it is time for this to change.

My final wake up call to this happened, when me and my sister were at an elderly friend of hers house. My sister knowing that I am to an unusual degree "not as secretive as a real vampire should be" about what I am, which should be obvious by now to anyone that has been reading this website. Told me that we shouldn't talk at all on anything about real vampires for fear of how she might react. First thing that goes through my head: 1 real vampire 1 older person, her friend is out numbered by about 10-1. She seems to be very open to new ideas so the odds of any bad reaction in the first place are very unlikely. My response was that if the topic comes up I will talk about it, and educate one more person in the process. There was no reason to keep it a secret, but out of respect for my sister’s wishes I never looked for a time that the topic could come up.

This needs to change, the world is ready to know and the sooner that the world does know, the sooner our lives will be a lot easier, because that is when we will all be able to do things such as buy blood as easily as people buy their groceries, list being a real vampire as a qualification when applying for jobs, have target advertising directed to us selling us clothes and other products that we never even knew that we wanted until they have showed us that they now have it, etc. don't even consider coming out unless you really are a real vampire, otherwise you just make it harder for the rest of us here are some pages to help you figure out if you are one knowing if you are a Vampire page, and finding a real vampire.

The quickest, easiest and safest way to start doing this, is to move to places that are vampire friendly (see vamp bars and clubs usually 18+ and vampire friendly cities page on site). Then find friends that are either real vampires themselves whether they know it yet or not, or people that are vampire friendly (generally goths, punks, ravers, and cutters (always a bonus). Then while with friends in social situations work the topic in to different conversations, i.e. pointing false representations of real vampires in movies, amongst other creative ways of bringing up the subject.

1. First the fear: (my money is on jealousy NOT fear). Real vampires are stronger, faster, etc. They could easily take jobs.
"GINA Becomes Genuine: By late May, President George W. Bush was expected to have signed in to law the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which will prohibit health insurers from cancelling or denying coverage or hiking premiums based on genetic predisposition do to a specific disease. The legislation, which sailed through the House and Senate, also bars employers from using genetic data to hire, fire, promote or make other employment-related decisions."
What this means for vampires, is due to it being genetic. Once it is accepted globally, employment or promotion decisions can not be based on whether or not you are a vampire.

2. They tend to be smarter and more mentally adept, more psychic. Could they then dominate and control normal humans?
(People tend to be stubborn, and automatically rebel against control whenever they come to the realization. or thought, that it is happening to them against their will.) Do you fear a psychiatrist because he/she might be able to manipulate the way you think, to make you behave more like him/her?

3. The hatred: (that's the same reason why homosexuals and lesbians stayed "in the closet" for so long). Humans cannot even live with their own kind in peace
Q. What happens if you attack a person for being a Vampire?
A. The same thing that happens if you attack some one because they are gay.)
Q. How can they live with real Vampires? (Multiple choice, pick one:)
a. The same way as kids at school try to live with the class bully, try to become friends with him so others won't give them a hard time.
b. The same way that they live with blonds - lust and humor. "How many Vampires does it take to change a light bulb? Zero none of them needs it." "Blonds have more fun".
c. All of the above.

4. The envy: Real vampires live longer, stay younger looking longer. How many normal people would want to be able to do the same?
(With how much money people spend on plastic and cosmetic surgery for only looking young longer. Which reminds me of the million dollar question "Will you turn me in to a Vampire? Almost makes you think that they would pay millions for what you have")

5. Population: So many of them and they live longer. Less housing, less food and what else would they use longer than normal people do.
I think they're more concerned with the people that are proud of their 5+ amount of kids that they popped out, than they are with some one that is lucky enough to live a longer life.

6. And what about the religious issues? The old church views are that all Vampires (and witches) are evil or in league with evil. How many righteous people would like to see them dead? How many hunters would like to see them dead? Apparently not enough because there are no serial killers targeting witches, and murder is murder. See letter written by a true slayer page on this website.

7. The government would want them for soldiers and laborers and so would other countries. We would be considered to be more qualified for higher positions than the average person, after a simple blood test reveals that we are real vampires, like they already do to people that enlist in to the military but don't tell them about it. They consider us as too valuable to waste on common labor. Not to mention forcibly studying them like lab animals. Duh, hello, you've been reading so far what the government already knows, and none of it was done by force, it was all acquired thanks to the real vampires that were brave enough to come out into the open, and by their own free will allowed tests to be done on them. To prove their existence and learn more about themselves, before taking the common route of listening to myths and theories and picking one.

8. What about the Vampire himself/herself? Their safety gone, they are exposed; people who fear, hate or admire them and all now know the real vampire truly exists. There are a lot more Vampires, Vampire lovers, and friends out there than you may realize and a lot less enemies than you think. A thousand years ago, people considered hunters to be a hero; these days they would be nothing more than murderers. Times have changed.

(3/27/09)A School principle literally called police protection for a person rumored to be a vampire, and another student that believes himself to be a werewolf.

''I am very concerned that the safety of certain students may be jeopardized as targets of rumors and speculation,'' she wrote. ''Please alert any adult in the building if you feel that any student is being harassed or targeted.''

Students leaving Boston Latin yesterday said rumors about students claiming to be vampires, or more specifically ''half-vampires,'' have been circulating for months. Several said two or three female students at the school carry umbrellas in all weather to avoid exposure to the sun.

Read the full article here. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2009/03/27/vampire_rumors_spur_alert_at_boston_latin___on_bullying/


If you have any reasons as to why you are scared to come out in to the open that are not covered above • e-mail me.

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