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How to find a real vampire

After reading some of this vampire website, you are wondering how do you find a real vampire. This page is to help you find a real vampire. Below are things to look for that are common traits for all real vampires, aka sanguinarius (term commonly used by fakes it originates from the movie Lifeforce), traditional, blood, and biological vampires, the only real kind of vampire. Most of which can't be faked by non-vampires. If they don’t have at least most of them then they are not a real vampire. This page is to be used with the page knowing if you are a real vampire page.

  1. There will be a dark colored ring around the iris of their eye.
  2. There is generally a noticeably different color surrounding the pupil.
  3. A real vampires breathing will be slightly shallow at all times except for when they are extremely excited or upset.
  4. A real vampires heart rate usually will match the person's heart rate and speed that is next to them while they are sleeping, (or during sex).
  5. They will be able to change your moods, and feelings to however they are feeling at the time they are around you, (usually done without the vampire knowing that it’s happening.) (Babies and cats are very sensitive to this effect).
  6. Whenever you even glance at them, a real vampire will know that you are looking at them, usually knowing as your turning your eyes to look at them, even if all you are doing is glancing around the room. This automatically causes them to look right at you, at the same exact moment that you were looking at them, (you will think that they are staring at you, (usually causes nervousness). Don’t be nervous, (a real vampire can’t help it) and if you talk to your friends they will think they were being stared at nonstop as well, (which you know is impossible). No one can stare at multiple people at the same time, let alone a whole room of people, (unless in some cases the vampire is extremely distracted).
  7. Their aura will usually have a heavy, thick, dark feel to it. Real vampires even if they are energy users don’t tend to sense this from other real vampires half as well as normal people do, (seeing that they have adjusted to feeling it from themselves).
  8. Their aura will have dark clouds of energy in it.
  9. Sickness will happen to real vampires usually not as often as it will to a normal person, just they don’t stay as sick for as long, and it doesn't affect them nearly as much.
  10. Most real vampires take on aspects of the animal that they admire the most. This includes strong mental traits, as well as some subtle physical features. Whatever type of animal this happens to be will react differently when around a real vampire. General first reaction is awareness and confusion/ curiosity, followed by a sort of mix between how they react to a human and another animal like them. (99% of the time reacting in a quick friendship).
  11. If holding eye contact with them either them in person or a picture where they were staring at the camera, for a few seconds or more. You will begin to feel an odd effect where it is harder than normal to look away as well as an odd pushing or pulling feeling against you, with the most likely effect of a cloudy white energy look distorting everything else in your eye sight, while looking in to their eyes for a short time.
  12. Are their nails clear like glass, yet very strong?
  13. Real vampires will always be able to find a shadow and will prefer to stand in the shadow as opposed to in the sun, doesn’t sound to abnormal until they start finding shadows in the middle of the night and preferring to be in those shadows as well. Also when accidentally banging their hand, elbow, shin, leg, etc. on a hard object they will only say ouch for show (or out of habit) if they think someone saw it happen, to appear normal, when in actuality they felt no pain at all. They didn’t even know it happened minus knowing that the body part touched something.
  14. Their bedroom will usually be the coldest and darkest room in the house.
  15. Electronics that are around a real vampire often such as watches, computers, mps3 players, cellphones, and other electronics tend to malfunction in really odd ways.
  16. Real vampires tend to be very charismatic to some while having the complete opposite effect on other people.
  17. Real vampires tend to be extremely sensitive to sunlight and other bright lights, resulting in discomfort and most cases a migraine.

You don't need to go to the right clubs or anything like that to find one, however going to a few or becoming a bit of a night person will seriously help your chances. These three pages will help with the rest finding a real vampire, and for the USA, or other countries, depending on what country you are in. Even if by some chance you don't find a real vampire, it will help you meet other people that share the same interest.

Some of these could be passed off as just a coincidence, but how many coincidences can really happen at the same time for the same person before they realize that it’s not just a coincidence and actually should be telling them something. DR. Carl Jung, Synchronicity "the calculated odds of just 3 coincidences that are related to each other happening at one time in a random universe are astronomical", you have just read way more than just three of them, think about it.

Keep in mind most vampires have no idea what they are, and most of them will never find out. When looking for a vampire locally probably the worst place to look is in vampire groups, they are generally over crowded with wannabes and posers. It's best to just use this page and go basically any where, just as an example we all go to the grocery store eventually.

If you tell people the truth about vampires, a vampire will eventually find you, and mentioning this website will help eliminate fake vampires.

The clubs section can help you find real vampires. If you still can't find a vampire. Then the only other thing you need for finding a real vampire, is patience and to spend more time outdoors.

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