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How to tell your friends

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Not sure how to tell them? Not sure how they will react? Here are a few suggestions on how to break the news to them, from real vampires that have already done it, including myself many times. (gets easier every time) Before telling anyone that you are a real vampire be sure that you actually are one, and haven’t just fallen susceptible to a thing referred to as being enabled.

Most people who believe that they are a real vampire, simply have a psychological problem. Make sure you are not one of these people before you go around claiming to be a vampire.

If you have any ways that have worked for you. That I haven't mentioned on this page, then click here for my contact information. Remember this page is here to help our brothers and sisters of the blood, to open up to the rest of the world any help will be appreciated by all.

My advice, Tell your closest most open minded friends that you are a real vampire first. Don't expect them to believe you at first, and do not try to make them believe you in any kind of way. Keep in mind the open minded ones are most likely to accept you for what you are, they may not believe you are a real vampire at first. Though if you are a real vampire they will eventually realize that you are right.

The ones that aren't open minded enough to accept you for what you are, will be the same ones that will completely disregard what you have told them and not give it a second thought until one day, when you accidentally without thinking about it do something that only a real vampire can do. This is that moment where they start to yell at you the age old question "WHAT ARE YOU A F*CKING VAMPIRE!?"

That’s when they catch themselves about to say it, stop and think about what you told them awhile back, and say "OMFG YOU REALLY ARE A VAMPIRE" at that point all you really can do is smile, and say "don’t worry real vampires don’t actually kill people." this is where their curiosity always takes over and their questions begin, answer all of their questions honestly. They might make a joke or two later on, but they will accept you for what you are. The whole situation is way funnier than it will ever be scary.

A little note, the ones that don't believe in real vampires at all, and just roll their eyes when you tell them that you are one, tend to be the same ones that get scared as hell when they realize that you are one, whether you told them before that you were a real vampire or not.

Or you can simply, anonymously email them a direct link to the “ finding a real vampire” part of this website and let them figure it out on their own. I advise the first way it’s good for practice and more beneficial for all real vampires. Bravery is always good, fear is for the weak.

The reactions for the different types are always the same for each type, so far as I have seen, The reaction in the long run as opposed to how they first reacted when you told them is always the same.

 Medical conditions that make some people falsely believe that they are a real vampire:

Psychotic Depression
Sleep apnea
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka CFS
Myasthenia gravis

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