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Ki Vampires

This is the truth about ki vampires.

People that refer to themselves as "ki vampires", aren't actually vampires. They are people that have been brainwashed in to believing that being able to take Ki is what makes some one a vampire. While in truth any normal person can learn to take Ki, and any normal person can learn to use psychic abilities. Any person that actively uses psychic abilities and Ki, will for obvious reasons use Ki quicker than their body produces ki energy. In effect this will result in them feeling a need to draw additional Ki from outside sources, until they learn ways to make the extra Ki on their own. This side effect that would seem obvious to most people, is what makes some people think that they are "ki vampires".

Ki vampires aren't vampires, and they are far from being real vampires. These wannabe vampires go by other terms that are based on whatever source they prefer to draw the energy from as well. Such as psychic vampires, energy vampires, emotional vampires, elemental vampires, astral vampires, and sexual vampires. Basically just (fill in the blank) vampires. All of which are just variations on the term ki vampires, but more specific in their own weak attempt to give themselves a title. Ironically while these wannabe vampires claim that they don't want to be associated with vampires, due to them admittedly having nothing in common with vampires. They refuse to drop the word vampire from the titles that they give to themselves.

So far I have only been referring to the people that call themselves ki vampires, due to their own false beliefs. Assuming that they even actually believe themselves to be some kind of vampire in the first place. There is another group of people that refer to themselves as ki vampires as well, these people follow it as a religious cult that finds it's basis directly from satanism.

The first type mentioned on this page are not satanists, they come from every religion including christianity and like real vampires they shouldn't be classified in any way as part of the satanism based religious cult that the second type of self defined ki vampires are a part of. Though people from both groups of ki vampires (wannabe vampires), as well as real vampires with enough practice do learn how to take enough Ki from a normal person, to cause drowsiness and in some cases make them go to sleep. Being able to take Ki from some one, even in those amounts does not make a person a vampire, anyone can learn how to do it. Go to this page to learn how to take Ki, as well as how to do other psychic abilities.

Both the religious cultists and the ones just following their beliefs are deluded enough to believe that the Ki they are taking is the persons life energy and or soul. Also like religious cultist ki vampires, both types of people that call themselves ki vampires believe taking that Ki makes them a vampire. The religious cult ki vampires, like satanists believe that they are taking a persons soul. The religious cult ki vampires, like satanists believe they are taking those souls and giving them to a religious deity. The religious cult ki vampires, like satanists believe that in return this deity gives them new abilities as a gift in return. The religious cult ki vampires, like satanists also believe that doing this makes them some thing special instead of just the psychotic little deluded freaks that they are.

None of the people that call themselves ki vampires are real vampires, nor do they have any idea what it's like to be a real vampire. Real vampires can do some things (that normal people can't do) so easily that it happens on accident, and they have to make a conscious effort to stop it from happening, that these wannabe vampires (aka ki vampires) are so far from being able to do, that they don't even believe it's possible for a real vampire to do it.

Real vampires are a race, real vampires are not a religion, set of beliefs, a subculture, or a cult. Real vampires exist due to a genetic anomally caused by an endogenous retrovirus or genetically obtained through birth just like any thing else that is genetic. You can't become a vampire through a spell, through taking Ki, or by reading a website or a book. The only way to be a vampire is by either being born a vampire, or getting a real vampire (not a ki vampire) to change you into a vampire through an exchange of blood.


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