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Links to good real vampire websites, and information.

This page contains links to other good vampire websites, that either I have been to or friends of mine have liked.
Click here for a list of a few sites that can help you make your own website.

If you know of any real vampire website links that should be on this page that aren't already here then please click here for my contact information. Whenever someone tells me about a real vampire website that they feel is a good real vampire website, I do always read every part of that website. If I feel that the website is a good real vampire website with accurate and useful information I will always help it get as much attention from people or real vampires in search of the truth. And I will give an accurate description of it, as I already have with the other links already on this page. However if I feel that it gives completely false information, is not owned or ran by a real vampire, and has nothing to offer to the society at all. I will either not list it or I will list it and give it a bad review to save other real vampires the time of having to read it themselves.

If you don’t see a real vampire website that you have given me show up in the list do not assume that I don't approve of it, unless you have received an email back from me about it. It simply means I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I will always reply to emails when I have the time to do so.) I do keep track of who tells me about what vampire websites and if they make a habit of e-mailing me good real vampire websites I will post their view of the vampire website along with their personal rating of it. Always give me your description of a website when emailing me a link for it. If you are sending me a link for your own vampire website, tell me a bit about yourself and your personal views.

  • http://www.nycgoth.com - This site lists and rates every Goth and vamp club in New York City. It is a very good site if you live in New York City, although, if you don't live in New York City or plan on visiting there, it’s not of much use. My friend who is a regular of the website has given it a 4 star rating.

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