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Psychic Energy Abilities

My Beliefs

I believe in god, I believe that it wasn't always here, that it in itself started out as just energy that happened to be the first energy to learn how to manifest itself into a solid form. I believe that after making itself into a form, it used that knowledge to turn more energy into other forms, i.e. the earth, stars and stuff like that. I believe that the other gods that you hear of are simply people that became very powerful energy users in their lifetime and achieved what witches and others consider to be a godlike level, in other words became gods, lower than the god that created everything, and as being lower gods share the work of keeping things in order throughout the earth and probably other places. Evolution is just a way of saying god put the planet on auto pilot for awhile, which I see as being evident in many ways, and naturally god doesn't want us putting these lower level gods before him.


Old technique I used to teach was to focus on one thing, all of your thoughts and senses tuned to that one thing, and then once you've done that remove it from your mind. lit candle in a dark room and then snuffing the flame is a good way to do it if you need an outside thing to do it.


Energy is....the unseen force within all things that makes them exist in the first place. We all know that we see things because light reflecting off of it stimulates the cones and rods in our retinas creating the illusion of an image. We know that we hear things because vibrations in the air and other forms of what we call matter makes our ear drums move, creating the illusion of sound. We feel things because different things activate different nerves in our body creating the illusion of touch. We smell because different scents trigger different olfactory nerves in our nose creating the illusion of smell. We taste because different things activate our different taste buds which send a signal to our brain creating the illusion of it having taste. Energy is the true thing that causes the stimulation to these different parts of our body, and energy is the electrical impulse traveling through our nerves to carry these messages to our brains. In truth energy is plain and simply the only thing that is real.

I can't do this one in newtons (the scientific unit for measuring force) if aiming to convert it psychic energy or ability. However DISCOVER magazine October 2009 "The human brain runs on about 20 watts of power, equal to the dim light behind the pickle jar in your refrigerator." article Thinking Machine. That is not the whole body, that is just the brain hence the part of our body used in psychic ability. In English the dimmest light-bulb you can buy for a normal lamp is 40 watts, the human brain runs nonstop at half the amount of electricity as that light. Proven in at least two different ways by science over time (that I know of) it has been proven that the human body produces a small amount of light. First time it was photographed using kirilian coated film and more recently by Kyoto University; Tohoku Institute of Technology; human light.

In the world of psychic ability we have all ways referred to this as the aura or psychic energy. When the term energy is used on this website or on this forum, that is what is meant by the term. A person that is highly actively psychic naturally uses more yet the body only produces so much of it. At this point we develop the need to learn to take it from other sources some of which include, people, animals, plants, "elements in nature" and other things of that sort. Some mistakenly call themselves vampires based on the need or ability to take energy from the previously named sources. But in truth they are not vampires, nor are they any where near being one. Anyone can learn to do these things, and anyone that does will find themselves low on energy until they learn to replenish it.

Energy Taking

To take energy, guide it with your thoughts to flow towards you and then into you and stay, taking energy by force will make it happen faster however it is not as easy of a method to learn.

Energy Balls

To make energy balls, basically cup your hands about six inches apart from each other and focus energy between them. The difference between imagining that you made an energy ball and making an energy ball. If you imagine that you made one correctly, then you will have automatically made an energy ball. It's not because your imagination is real, it's because it got you to do it correctly on accident.

Or for extreme beginners

Place your hands into small fists and hold them comfortably in front of you. Have one hand with your fingers up and the other with your fingers down. Now, keeping your fingers together open both hands slightly and close your fist again, kinda like a pulsing motion. After 3-4 times, take the hand that faces up, turn it over and the hand that faces down and turn it over, so they're switching

After doing this for a while your hand will become tingly or warm (or however you perceive your energy) and then take it and cup your hands together, slowly. If you concentrate you'll be able to get a ball to form. Extend both energies from your hand into the space that will be the ball. It might be faint at first, but I've found this method to be rather effective.

1. Imagine that energy is coming up from the core of the Earth and into your feet.
2. Imagine it coming up into your legs.
3. Imagine it going up into your stomach.
4. Imagine it going into your shoulders.
5. Imagine it going down your arms and pooling at your hands.
6. Visualize your entire body "glowing" with energy.
7. Imagine a hole opening up in your hands and energy flowing out into the shape of a sphere.

The way I learned my first energy ball was exactly as I'm going to say it and in less time than it will take for me to type it. Flick some energy from your hand the moment it leaves your body it will naturally take the form of a ball, try it, it became a ball, congratulations you just made your first energy ball.

These days, draw a 1,000 pieces of life energy from the earth, give them the knowledge of how to take the form of a dragon and how to make their own energy to make themselves stronger, give them the desire to be a dragon, voila made a 1,000 living dragons in energy form.

Seeing Energy / Auras

K***** wrote:
''When I actually think about it, the only time I can see energy at the moment even though I’m new to energy work, is when I close my eyes. Is that confusing that I see energy when I close my eyes?''

Actually no, that’s not confusing that you see it when you close your eyes. Quite the opposite, when you close your physical eyes you force your mind to try to rely on its only other form of vision aka your third or psychic eye. Since you’re already doing that for you to learn to see it with your eyes open, simply open and close your physical eyes a few times and become aware of what’s happening with your psy eye as you close them. You will notice after a few tries that your center of focus shifts upwards a bit towards around the lower part of your forehead, as your third eye opens, for most people this happens completely naturally. To work on seeing energy with your eyes open simply practice shifting your focus up to your psy eye while your eyes are still open. Basically recreate the effects of what’s happening when you close your physical eyes but do it while they are open. Groups of trees and the tops of peoples heads are good things to practice on, covering your eyes with energy though you may see some is just going to make you see your own energy and at best distort the color of the energy that your trying to look at.


All healing consists of one of 4 different types of things.

  1. 1. Removing some thing that is bad or shouldn't be there.
  2. 2. Adding some thing that is missing but needs to be there.
  3. 3. Making more of some thing that they have to little of.
  4. 4. Simply repairing damage.
**Mental illnesses being chemical imbalances do all fall in to the first three categories, but if your reading this to learn how to heal then you really aren't advanced enough to be fing with peoples brains.**
  1. 1. Every thing being energy you merely isolate the energy that shouldn't be there, and rap a shell of white energy around it and pull it out as an energy ball. Kind of like putting a bad thing in to a bio-hazard bag to isolate it.
  2. 2. Compare the energy of that area in the sick person to the energy in that area of a healthy person to see what the missing part looks like and copy the missing energy (don't take it just copy it) then give that copy to the person your healing. My friend Matt does this by feel, I do it by sight both ways work it just depends on which is your strong point.
  3. 3. Just like 2 except you don't copy it from some one else, also if some thing is off about the energy then fix it because that is likely whats causing the shortage in the first place.
  4. 4. Fill it with white energy, start from the sides and fill it in from there while making the white energy as dense as you can possibly make it, gold energy isn't as effective in this.

***Remember pain is not an illness, it is your bodies way of telling you that some thing is wrong and it needs to be fixed.***

Some use this if a doctor fails, some use a doctor if this fails. If you try this first and things persist then never hesitate to see a doctor very soon.

Safety Precautions

I'm thinking that you’re worried about experimenting in energy use and possibly making something angry enough to kill you or physically cripple you. The stuff that can do that to you through astral, generally at the worst will just drain you of energy for awhile or knock you unconscious for about a few minutes to relay the message to you that they aren't the one to play rough with. Other than that as long as you don’t break the big rule by messing with some one else’s free will you will be okay. Important notes, save playing with the energies in your mind for the very advanced because if you mess your mind up you will wind up going insane or create a few incurable problems. Good luck and I wish you some happy exploring.

Taking Energy Through The Internet

Get their energy print/signature off of one of their posts, emails, instant messenger window, chatroom post, etc. locate its match on astral and get your taking on. Naturally the longer the post or e-mail etc. the easier it is to get their print off of it. If they use colored text, it helps a lot to close your eyes and look so that you aren't distracted by the color of their font.

Astral Projection

This in simple form, you and any thing that is alive, has a soul, is a soul, or even has energy is always in the astral realm. Astral realm, astral travel, astral whatever you want to refer to it as, is nothing more than just a matter of being aware of it all ready being around you because you are all ready there. Asking how to see it is like wearing a blindfold and asking how to watch a movie. The method mentioned below on how to do astral projection is nothing more than a way to get you past that mental block. It isn't needed it's just a tool.

Astral projection is basically just projecting your consciousness to somewhere else. The easiest way to learn it is by having you and a friend agree to meet in a certain spot in your dreams. To make sure you do it, just think a lot about that place you want to meet at, right as you are going to sleep. As long as you stick together when you see each other in the dream, you will have the same dream. At that point you are not in a normal dream; you are actually in the astral realm. After a few times you will be able to do it without having to go to sleep. (:-) talk about it to each other the next day)

Astral Realm

People refer to astral as having different levels and a place you can go to and leave. I will tell you that you’re always in the astral realm, that in this physical world which you see every thing has an energy form which is simultaneously in the astral realm. What you do to someone’s energy body on astral can have effects on their physical body, however not to the same degree that you see it happen to their energy body. People at different levels are able to hide themselves/mask themselves to other lower level users from being able to see them in that area, which to lower level users creates the image of there being different levels of astral realm.

They will tell you there is less fighting on the higher levels. I will tell you that there is just as much, its just traceless for lower levels to see. (I speak from experience) You are simultaneously on every level that you can be aware of; the higher levels generally ignore the lower levels.

And that's the basics of what you have to be able to do before asking me to teach you any abilities.
Going to this page will help improve your night vision.

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