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Questions and Answers

War with Vamps, and Lycans, real, or fake?

That is just a very annoying myth started by movies, to sell movies.

zayra_5821: You are not Steve.

You are an idiot

I've read your website and I can't quite remember if you answered these or not but Do you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to sleep ALL day? (If so, is it necessary to do so in a casket/coffin?) And If a human is turned, or if the slightest amount of U"V light makes contact with an actual Vampire, do they Really Burn alive? And besides playing dress-up or being surgically turned, is it Somehow possible to self turn?


Q. Can you turn to bat, Can you fly, is your blood black, Do you know people that turn to a wolf, All vampire hate garlic, vampires afraid cross? ((When they touch cross they're going to dust?)), Are you sleep in coffin, When human turn to vampire they need to die before, but vampire don't breath, that human will turn to vampire, Right?, You bite dog it will turn to a vampire?, Can it turn to a vampire (zombie dog), Maybe I think they turn human by touch?, When they hit human that human turn to vampire?, vampire has low temperature, vampire's skin is very cool? vampire can't fly but they can jump far more than human, Right?

A. No, to all of them. a few notes he is Thai so his first language is not English. Also people can be turned, however simply being bitten by a vampire will do nothing.

MinaHarker: Is it true that psi vampires can feed both through their natural way and as a sang and be equally satisfied, but when sangs try to feed as a psi it isn't quite enough? If so, why do you think that is? (speculate and theorize only on this second question, as from what I can tell, no one knows for sure)

Yes I think you nailed it dead on correctly, because there are a lot that claim to be sangs simply because they think its nothing more than a feeding preference that decides what you are. It seems as if they never entertained the fact that there's more to being a real vampire than just a preference.

If it was nothing more than a preference then everyone that has a blood fetish and feels a psychologically induced high from getting some blood to fuel their fetish would qualify as a real vampire. Besides the only real kind of a vampire are the ones that literally do need blood, and not just to feed a "energy deficiency" of some kind or another.

Q.I want to know can you eat human's food? pizza, salad etc.

A. Yes

I didn't draw blood at first, but I did get an overwhelming feeling...I still don't know how to describe it, but it was amazing. Since my teeth weren't sharp enough to break skin, I sharpened them(wow that hurt) and the next time I was able to do so. Again, I had an overwhelming sensation, somewhat erotic, but it was more blissful than anything else. Since then I've kind of adopted the manner and looks of a familiar vampire...SPIKE! lol

This is a dead give away, you got the feeling without even getting blood. You definitely are not a real vampire; you are just getting a psychologically induced high from the thought of getting what you like. It's no different from the self induced high that some people get from knowing that they could have gotten laid but they turned it down.

Q."something I just noticed is that a lot of ppl are asking me if I am 16 which im finding very odd cause when I was 16 ppl thought I was 20"

A. That's because you wanted to look older then" (it's the mildest form of the illusion ability that some maybe all of us have.)

A friend of mine asked me a good question, I should start writing them down because there are a lot of good ones, this is one that stuck in my head because I couldn't answer it at the time. Keep them coming, and remind me to write them down.

Is pregnancy for vampire women easier or harder than it is for normal women?

I talked to a friend of mine that had two kids before I made her a vamp and one afterwards she told me that during her pregnancy as a vamp the baby kicked a lot harder than either of the first two, logically I'm guessing they get that bonus strength from the start. She was a newly made vampire, my guess would be that a fully developed vampire's pain tolerance will cancel it out, because I have a friend in Chas that was born one, and didn't seem to be affected as much.

If I have blood regularly will my abilities be stronger.

A little while back when I had enough deer blood to where I was able to live off of just blood for a solid month, my abilities were a lot stronger, I felt healthier than I have ever felt before or since. One thing that sticks out in my mind is that towards the end of that month, I saw a bad blizzard coming, knew when it was going to hit within 10 minutes of when it got to where I was living, Two days before the national weather radar even knew that there was going to be one five days before it got to where I was, amongst many other things, that would be related to my vamp abilities.

"where do you live?"

Rochester, N.Y.

What is your definition of a vampire?

Basically my definition of a real vampire is some one that needs blood, however is not a hemophiliac. A real vampire is one that has the traits of a real vampire, however doesn't have them do to a medical condition. If they have the traits and haven't ruled out the medical illnesses that could cause them they should see a doctor and not a vampire website first. Not to mention the ability to effectively digest and use it as food, without suffering from iron poisoning do to ingesting more %200 of the RDA of iron.

Do you believe that there are different types of vampires? If so, what types and define these types. If not, why not?

I believe that there are many out there that consider themselves energy vampires, however they are sadly mistaken. Though they are no more than normal people that are self awakened (or helped by some one else) energy users aka "magic users" that use more energy than they get by normal means, and feel that they must take some energy from others. However in truth, they could get that energy from anything including plants, rocks, water, etc.*

Do you believe vampires are human or non-human? Why?

In all respects I believe that as a real vampire I am still human, for the most part. I believe that as a real vampire I may be in a sense more evolved yet still human. I also believe that people that are just human, that think being human is a bad thing are short changing themselves, and that they need to keep in mind that, humans as a race have single handedly made every animal that was ever once a threat to them either endangered or extinct and are the only thing on this planet to have ever done that.*

Do you believe that normal humans can be made into vampires? If so, how do you believe this is accomplished? If not, why not?

I've met enough real vampires that were born a vamp and believe a human can't be turned into a vampire. I've also met plenty of real vampires that used to be human and didn't think that any one could be born a real vampire. Which obviously leads to one thing, I personally know that both kinds exist, and have personally turned five people into a real vampire myself, one of which may have just been an awakening. So I'm saying yes on that, and it?s done by an exchange of blood, however not by the exchange of a potentially lethal amount of blood.*

Do you believe all vampires need to consume blood? Why or why not?

Funny, I almost feel like I'm being asked this by a person or one of the millions out there that think they are a real vampire, and reply to me saying I'm wrong. Energy feeds can hold off the hunger assuming that you eat plenty of normal food and stuff. However in the end every real vampire does need blood for color, also for many other reasons, and just basically because energy feeds-are to like being on an IV, like blood is to eating real food. Both can work but all in all the other you feel livelier you feel healthier and you obviously look a lot healthier.

Do you believe that all vampires need to consume energy? Why or why not?

The answer to that question is a definite NO. Though I think that every real vampire to a degree is psychic and uses energy, blood contains all of the energy needed (as well as many other needed things) if it is had on a regular basis. Blood (for those who can efficiently digest it) is the perfect food.

Define "energy"

Energy is....the unseen force within all things that makes them exist in the first place. We all know that we see things because light reflecting off of objects stimulates the cones and rods in are retinas, which sends a message to our brains along our optic nerve, creating the illusion of an image. We know that we hear things because vibrations in air and other forms of what we call matter makes our ear drums move creating the illusion of sound.

We feel things because different things activate different nerves in our body creating the illusion of touch, we smell because different scents trigger different olfactory nerves in our nose creating the illusion of smell. We taste because different things activate our different taste buds which send a signal to our brain creating the illusion of it having taste. Energy is the true thing that causes the stimulation to these different parts of our body, and energy is the electrical impulse traveling through our nerves to carry these messages to our brains.

Do you believe in "psychic/psionic" abilities? If so, do you believe these abilities to be intrinsic to vampires? Why or why not?

WoW after that explanation on energy you still ask me if I believe in psychic/psionic abilities, I'm truly impressed. Either these are automated questions or you weren't paying much attention :-). Yes I definitely believe in the ability to use and manipulate energy, and I believe that everyone has the ability to do it assuming they have the patience and focus needed to learn how (just like with any kind of martial art). However I also believe that for a real vampire it is a lot easier to learn how to do it, and a lot easier to get to next levels in the field of using energy.*

Describe the relationship between average people and vampires, in your experience.

I never really gave it much thought, I mean yes we have our advantages, and I feel there are some that abuse those advantages, and others that use those advantages to help other people out, that aren't so lucky. I do believe its what you do, not what you can do that determines what kind of person you are, and being a real vampire I can do more and I do more, which maybe makes me a better person but this is the first time I've had to think about that. I have some close friends that are normal people and not real vampires, but I do enjoy the times when I take a break and go to one of the clubs out here and can stop holding back parts of what I am, and can simply be myself.*

Do you believe vampires have a special place in society? If so, what is that place? If not, why not?

I believe that the current society would be much better to live in if they had a higher level of openness to the fact that real vampires do exist and that we have been living amongst them for who knows how long. I would like it if they accepted the fact that real vampires exist to the degree of where we could buy blood in a grocery store as easily as a person buys a pre-made pizza whether it was animals blood, or simply because some people had willingly sold a pint to the cause for extra money.

Simple fact there is a lot of blood destroyed by the red cross on a regular basis because it wasn't used in time to still be usable in a blood transfusion but is still edible for a real vampire, and I know that anyone of us would be willing to pay for that blood that they destroy for that reason. If "us" as real vampires were commonly accepted as being a reality we would have the option to buy that blood. If you consider that being a special place in society which in a way it is then yes I think we could have one, however if you mean a special place as ruling over people and seeing them as cattle then big no we don't have a special place in society.

hey i have a question. do vamps have fangs? a lot of people say that they do but others say that they don't and that it has nothing to do with being a vampire. for instance, a person on 43things.com says that he has fangs and that it took him a few painful days to grow them in when he got turned. just wondering what your opinion was on this subject. also one more thing but what is a good enough reason for you to turn someone?

No, real vampires don't have fangs and turned vampires don't ever grow fangs. As for reasons why I would turn some one, I don't tell people reasons, if a person wants to be turned they must already have a reason for wanting it. If it's not a good reason to be turned then they can forget about being turned. Update: due to how many people keep asking me to turn them, stop asking me to do it. You can get yourself turned (without me) if you read the information given to you on this website, and really think about the information provided to you.

Q. ah okay, cool cool, would offer to help but don't have the net right now except my treo, like a blackberry but hella better, btw want a free donor? i volunteer my roommate as long as you drain her completely, her laziness has pissed me the hell off.

A. You can't volunteer some one else.

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