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Real vampires myths, exaggerations, and facts

This page is here to help you separate the myths from the facts about vampires. As it is often true about other things, most fiction is based on some fact. So for those things this page will also cover exaggerations about real vampires. The things that you will find on this page are not up for debate, although there are a lot of self proclaimed vampires that will no doubt argue with some things that are on here, because they falsely believe themselves to be vampires and think that since it isn't true for them that it isn't true for real vampires. However if it wasn’t accurate about real vampires, I would not have it on this real vampire website.

If you know of any myths, or possibly things that you believe to be fact about real vampires, e-mail me no matter how odd or hard to believe that they may seem.

The vampire myth/claim/belief myth, exaggeration, or fact, The real vampire explanation in detail.
Real vampires don’t need blood, they only need some part of blood, or just energy.
A real vampire needs blood, but doesn’t need it for a psychological or medical reason, and at the same time gets a few perks.

For those who believe that having just an energy problem makes them a vampire, try looking into the classic symptoms for Hypochondria, Psychotic Depression, Reinfelds, Depression, Hypothyroidism, Insomnia, Sleep apnea, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka CFS, damage obesity does to the body, Porphyria, blood fetish, hemophilia, Myasthenia gravis, and Anemia, just to name a few. In other words if you think you are a vampire and your reason for thinking it is that you feel low on energy often, or for others who even have the thought that you need blood to feel normal. Then contrary to what people in the "vampire community" tell you, go see a medical professional, this includes the combination of seeing a psychologist and some one with a PHD and get checked. Not to mention if it was an energy reason, animal’s blood would not work half as well as it does.

Those who think blood is just a matter of being a nutritional source for real vampires. Keep in mind that nutritional supplement drinks today have much higher amounts of the nutrients and minerals that a person’s body needs than blood has. Nutritional supplements don’t have the same effects for real vampires as blood does for real vampires there for it is not a simple case of nutrition.
Real vampires can fly
Real vampires can't fly, and neither can superman.

Do you believe every thing that you see in movies, or just the things that you see in vampire movies?
Sunlight kills real vampires
extreme exaggeration
Sunlight won't kill a real vampire.

However due to a heightened sensitivity to it, just like we have with basically everything else. It does cause an uncomfortable burn like feel, almost like what a normal person feels while they have sunburn. That feeling happens well before we have sunburn at all. It also makes us sunburn more quickly, and get severe migraines. Not to mention is very uncomfortable to a real vampires eyes, at times even while in a shadow during overcast weather. Getting blood on a regular basis helps counter this very effectively and for the average vampires it blocks the suns effects for about 2-3 days.
Real vampires are undead
Real vampires are not undead creatures nor are they monsters.

This myth most likely comes from the Dracula stories that are only barely based on the real Romanian hero Vlad, and or from the medical condition known as Catalepsy.
Story goes Vlads death, happened at a fairly young age due to his own brother betraying him, resulting in his brother helping kill Vlad by encasing him in a casket and letting him die buried alive. After the clergy that used Vlad's brother as a pawn to make this happen knew that Vlad was dead, they made it quite clear to his brother what he had just done. The claim of vampires being undead branches from Vlad bones apparently not existing inside of the casket that he was buried alive in. Truth is the bones would not be in there because his brother after learning the truth would have dug him up, then given him a new casket and a proper burial to honor his brother Vlad.

This story in itself couldn’t be farther from the truth, For the true story about Vlad Tepes click the link.
Real vampires kill people for food or for blood.
Real vampires today do not kill people for blood or for food. All real vampires for at least the past few decades receive blood only from willing donors while causing the very minimum amount of pain and in a lot of cases no pain at all. Back when superstitions, fears of witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies and other monsters ran rampant, basically back when it would have been impossible to get a willing donor, and forensics was virtually nonexistent real vampires distant ancestors most likely did kill for blood, however that no longer happens and hasn't happened for quite some time.
Real vampires have fangs
Lots of places and things say this about vampires. It’s hard to say where it comes from, however that doesn't make it true. It could also come from every natural carnivore and every scary monster notoriously having big canines. Semi related real vampire’s canines do seem to get sharper by themselves when needed, however they are not insanely long and they do not grow.
Real vampires sleep in coffins / caskets
Real vampires don’t actually sleep in coffins, that’s a myth based on the idea of vampires being undead.
Real vampires don't need sleep
Real vampires do need sleep, and we do it in normal beds like everybody else does.
Real vampires only need blood, and don't / can't eat normal food
Real vampires can eat everything that normal people can eat, and real vampires don't live on just blood.
Real vampires are immortal
extreme exaggeration
Real vampires are far from being immortal. However, we do age noticeably slower and we do survive a lot of things but not everything that a normal person should not be able to survive.

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