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The Big Plan

You will notice that on this page I do not have a link to my contact information page. Any conversation that you choose to have about this page, what is on this real vampire website, or that you want to see on this real vampire website should be said on the forum. Not only is everyone welcome to start a subject of their choice on the forum, I want to make it clear that I strongly encourage you all to start conversations on anything that comes to your mind on it. Here is a link to the forum If you want to know more about the big plan you will be able to read more about it on the forum.

1st step: is the Website (education); It helps real vampires know what they are, and know how to recognize other vampires. It teaches them where they can find others like themselves, how to approach other real vampires, how to bring up the topic in conversations, and helps them get over their fears of being open about what they are to other people. In effect making more real vampires aware of what they are, and helps in bringing them together. It also sparks the beginning of showing society that we do exist, and we have been here all along.

2nd step: (communication); Is making a forum, so that all of these real vampires can be brought together in one spot without anyone having to leave where they currently are. So they can communicate through one area, and make their voices heard. So invite any real vampire, or vampire friendly person you know to join this message group. Once the message board has about 500 active members I’m going to start talking about the big plan. For it to get there we need people keeping it active. For that to happen we need members starting subjects on this message group to express their thoughts, questions, and suggestions, as they think of them with no worries on how others will react. Continued on

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4th step: ; To be continued

5th step: ; To be continued

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