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This Is The Truth About Slayers

© 2005 Steve Leighton, copying without permission is forbidden by law.

Almost every real vampire I know is scared of the idea of there being slayers, this is the main reason why most real vampires are scared of coming out in to the open.

Even every slayer that has ever killed a vampire in a movie or on TV, has killed that vampire either because it killed a person, was about to kill a person, or tried to kill the slayer, sadly that was pretty much every vampire ever seen on a screen. (I am not saying movies are the mark of truth, I am only making a point). That is where the fear of slayers has come from, And that is the only type of vampire that a real slayer will ever kill as well. NOT EVEN Buffy has killed a vampire that wasn't going around killing people.

The real vampires’ fear of a slayer is not a natural instinctive fear, It is a learned fear. Or else every real vampire that is open about being a vampire would know that their friend, that they get the feeling maybe is a real vampire, that always helps them get a donor or some kind of blood whenever they really need it, when the option is there regardless of the vampires shyness about asking for it, never lets you have any of their own blood, and never drinks any of it themselves is a slayer. (In other words the person that you think may be a real vampire, yet has no apparent interest in blood, and you probably consider to be one of your best friends (which isn't so far from the truth) is a slayer. (That is how well they hide themselves.)

Even if you are not open about being a real vampire, yet you know that you are a real vampire and do keep yourself reasonably well feed, if you have a friend that matches that profile they are a slayer. If they trust you enough they may even have let you bite them, yet stopped you before you were able to get any blood, simply because they were curious about what it feels like to be bitten by a real vampire.

This new knowledge does not mean that you should stop being friends with them. Actually in the very possible case that you might even be dating the person, this is not a reason to break up with them. This is simply to show you how well you know one, how close you have gotten to one, and never even knew that they were one.

You are in no danger at all, unless you get a taste of their blood, attack someone for blood, or kill someone for blood, the only exception to killing someone is if you are in the military and kill an enemy while at war.

A lot of real vampires do join the military for many different reasons, our government does know that they are in there, and who they are. Most vampires join the military because of one, if not all of the following reasons.

  • we are quicker,
  • stronger,
  • naturally better killers,
  • free easy blood,
  • more aware of our surroundings,
  • to satisfy our deep down killer instincts,
  • realize that we will know where the enemy is long before the enemy knows that we are there,
  • and because we know that we are the best that they have for the job of protecting our country.

This is why the military will never force us to join, they know that a lot of us will do it by choice and fight better if we join by our own free will.


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