Real Vampires Website: Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

"Club Noc Noc" Seattle, Washington
When : Saturday/Sunday 9pm-2am
Where : 1516 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA

"The Mercury" Seattle, Washington
When : Gothic Night Tues, 80's Weds,
Industrial/Synthpop/EBM Thurs,
Synthpop/Electro/Dance Fri,
Industrial/Synthpop/Noise Sat,
Industrial/EBM/Electro Sun
Where : 1009 Lower E Union (entrance in the alley),

"The Vogue" Seattle, Washington
When : Friday, Sunday, Wednesday 9:00pm to 2:00am
Where : 1516 11th Ave (between Pike & Pine), Seattle, WA

"Isolation" Seattle, Washington
When : Every last Thursday, doors 9pm
Where : 1516 11th Ave, Seattle, WA



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