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Vampire Cults

These are the warning signs of vampire cults, in the group of fake vampire's cults that call themselves the "vampire community".


These "vampire cults" target people that have classic traits of depression, which include having low energy. Recruiting starts by telling people basically whatever they want to hear, through the online forums, private messaging, email, and websites owned by "The group of fake vampire's cults that call themselves the vampire community". This makes people believe they are becoming part of some thing really big. This includes the "vampire elders" and other members (aspiring to be called elders) using different names on multiple different forums and websites, to make the group appear to be a lot bigger than it actually is. At this stage they also claim the vampire cults beliefs to be a lot older than they actually are, to make the beliefs seem more legitimate.


By offering free food, free shelter, and friendship to convince people to move in to the vampire cults home, usually called "House of (fill in the blank)".


"What is ours is yours, and what is yours is ours." In some cases giving them just enough money, while in reality decreasing what they have, to vastly increase the persons sense of dependance. Allowing minimal contact with the outside world. In most (if not all) cases encouraging them to keep their membership as a secret from their friends and family. This results in the alienation of friends that would have attempted to talk some sense in to them. While continuing to lie about the cults beliefs being a lot older than they actually are, to further enforce the idea of the vampire cults religion being legitimate.


Rules telling them how they have to act in order to remain part of the group. This includes making them read books and other sources of information that support the cults religion/beliefs.


The instilling of propaganda and beliefs, other members encourage new members to accept the fake vampires propaganda as truth through whatever methods they consider to be necessary. While offering false proof of through the use of books or other propaganda that the cult has made it mandatory for the person to read.


The brainwashed members help with instilling the "vampire cults" propaganda upon new members, as well as reinforcing and encouraging it among each other. This additional encouragement to accept the vampire cults beliefs and propaganda results in helping to create and maintain compliance.

This is written as much for law enforcement as it is for anyone else, if not more. Because these exact same methods are being used by terroist groups to create "home grown terrorists".


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